Alexandra Pro Rodeo – Autumn 2021

Oh, it’s on.  Just hitting pause until 6 March, 2021

We’ve worked extra hard to keep the Rodeo dream alive for 2021.
To make it happen, we’re running a COVIDSafe event. The good bit is that we’ve made sure you get the full Alexandra Pro Rodeo experience. It does mean, however that all tickets will need to be purchased online prior to the event, and that we do need to cap numbers.
Please avoid disappointment. Grab your tickets early. Let friends and family know that Alex is the place to be.  Secure your tickets right here because big time, Pro Rodeo returns to Alexandra this autumn: 6 March, 2021.
If the event doesn’t run due to the reintroduction of COVID-19 restrictions, we’ll be providing a FULL refund.
We’ll make sure you’re fully informed about social distancing needs and all of the additional services we’ll be providing to enhance our ability to run the event without spreading the lurgy.

You little beauty!